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Why 8 glasses a day may be aging you.

Both coming to a massage hydrated and leaving a massage with hydration in mind is paramount to maximizing the benefits of a massage. Think of a flowing river that is cascading down the mountain or a bubbling spring flowing with mineral rich water to fertilize the plains that grow rich crops from their fertile soil. Without the water all there would have been is a dry hillsides and barren fields with no movement of nutrients to fertilize the soils or the simple hydration that has always sustained life. As a river flows over the land and through the earth spreading life so does your blood flow through you. Your blood can be thick and have trouble moving nutrients like a dry river or it can be full and flowing like the Mississippi or the Nile bringing abundant life to everywhere it reaches.

Caution is to be had when considering hydration, too much water can destabilize the salinity of your cells causing premature aging, this can be avoided by eating a well-balanced diet with plenty of color, Taking well balanced mineral and vitamin supplements, and only drinking water when you're thirsty, but keeping it to mineral rich water.

Being hydrated when you come in for a massage will give us the hydration we need to flush lactic acid and other sediment caused by anything from normal cellular consumption of nutrients to frenzied repair of damaged tissue caused by trauma or intense exercise, as well as hormones of stress that linger in the muscles, organs and joints out of muscles organs and joints. I specifically avoided the use of the word toxins because that's to vague, but that's what we as massage therapists are talking about if you happen to hear that in the future.

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