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Thai Massage

A client receives a thai massage, a hand grabbing their wrist and pulling upward, the therapists foot in their shoulder

Thai massage is a scientific process and part of the physical therapy branch of traditional Thai medicine.

Thai massage truly stands apart from other massage modalities. The traditional techniques are vast and full of potential. It specializes in manual therapies that manipulate three out of five of the primary elements of the body - wind, water, and fire. Having understanding of these elements and how they correlate to the body gives this particular modality an edge. 

The massage methods of Thailand are extensive, born of an ancient wisdom that has been developed from the seeds handed down from great masters, grown into powerful systems by beloved Reusi, delivered to the people by compassionate monks, and carried down by a dedicated few. Thai massage techniques include broad compression, stretching, acupressure, "thumbing lines" and the use of tools for increased benefit.

As a practitioner I value and honor my lineage, continue to study, and uphold the values of a traditional medicine practitioner.

One to three hour sessions are available.

A woman lies on a massage mat, recieving foot Thai massage from a male practitioner

One Hour Massage
Perfect for a one-of-a-kind deep treatment of nearly any one injury, including; nerve impingements, ligament pain, and even frozen shoulder
a revitalizing and opening compression and stretch that will leave you feeling grounded and clear.

A woman recieves Thai massage of the back during a massage session

1.5 To 2.5 hours
Experience longer lasting relief by extending treatments, allowing more time to address compensation and guarding patterns from older, more severe injuries.
enjoy a deeper sense of stillness with a more elaborate stretch.

A woman receives a traditional thai massage

Three Hour Massage
The best of treatment and assisted stretching can only be done in a minimum of 3 hours.

This option is perfect for people that work their body hard and find little time for body maintenance.


Would you rather have a massage from the comfort of your own home?

In home appointments are available by request!

Gift Certificates
Available for purchase online!

Payment is due at time of service. We accept cash, check,  FSA/HSA cards and all debit/credit cards acceptable through Square. Prices shown are for in-office visits with payment at time of service. PIP insurance can be billed and will be billed at $160 per hour. L&I claims will be taken at our discretion and require advanced notice.

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