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Natasha L.

Having Victoria as our doula provided us an invaluable experience. After meeting with her, I immediately felt comfortable around her, and she was always easy to talk to being very personable and down to earth. She provided information that helped me prepare for the labor process, and explained things in a way that put my mind at ease about my fear of the pain.I planned to go completely unmedicated and it was great to have that support and experience with us since this was our first child. Although my husband was extremely supportive throughout the entire pregnancy and labor, it was still very helpful to have Victoria as a member of our team. It was nice that she was available to me when I needed her or had questions.


My water broke about 3 weeks prior to my due date, so it was all a little unexpected, but Victoria was very supportive and informative which helped my husband and I at a time when we were a little scared and caught off guard. During labor, she helped rotate my comfort measures with my husband, remind us of pain mediation techniques and labor positions we had learned along the way, be our sounding board, and communicate with the remainder of our healthcare team. Other than having to be induced, I was able to fulfill my wish of being unmedicated, and I truly believe it was because of Victoria that I was able to do so. Her words of encouragement and reminders of my strength and ability throughout the labor were immensely helpful. The fact that she can also provide massage services is such a bonus and she is excellent!


I think she goes above and beyond her duties as a doula, and after only knowing her for a short time, I would consider her my friend. If we ever have another child, I would definitely be seeking her out again, and I would highly recommend her to anyone who is having a baby, regardless of if they plan to go medicated or unmedicated, or it is their first or fifth child. 

Courtney B.

I found Victoria by booking a prenatal massage and instantly had a connection with her.  I booked her as my doula because she made me feel at ease, strong and confident about my ability. She helped prepare me for labor mentally & emotionally. While my husband was present during it all, I felt I needed someone who understood how our bodies work and could fully empathize with labor and delivery. She was that support.


With our first kid we kind of freaked out during labor & delivery & I wasn’t able to do what I set out to do. Having Victoria with us helped both of us. Her presence instantly gave us calm & her encouragement & smile helped me to power through delivery. I remember feeling like I couldn’t deliver my baby & the look of excitement & love in her eyes as she told me I can because I was already doing it.


My ultimate goal was to deliver a healthy son. My hope was to do it naturally and unmedicated. I did that. And it was the best and hardest thing I have ever done. After she ordered us food & made sure we were comfortable and settled before leaving. I am so glad I found her & she was available during my due date. Thank you for your knowledge, for the exercises/games to help prepare me. Thank you for being an inspiration.

Angela M.

Victoria was an amazing doula to work with! I actually hired her at 41 weeks pregnant after I learned she was a doula during an amazing prenatal massage. I had a planned homebirth turned cesarean and she was with me every step of the way. 24 hours of labor, hospital transfer, cesarean and it was only after my son and I were in the recovery room that I told her to go home and get some rest that she actually left my side! She was a HUGE emotional and physical support for me. She captured amazing raw footage of the labor and as many pictures as she could sneak in during the cesarean for me. If you are thinking of hiring a doula, Victoria is the type of support person you want by your side!

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