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Does Massage really affect performance.

Exercise effects people differently. A seasoned fitness enthusiast is going to have slower changes to mass, ratios and circulation that someone new to a fitness routine, so naturally they'll be treated differently.

The newbe will be treated with a softer touch as inflammation and sensitivity will be peaked. Our goal as massage therapists when working with new to a fitness routine client is to;

1 increase circulation, flushing lactic acid and other sediment to minimize discomfort, and increase remineralization.

2 release fascial adhesions and move fascia to optimize circulation and range of motion.


3 encourage proper self-care for their goals.

When somebody is already conditioned and just maintaining, their circulatory system will be more developed, and we will focus more on;

1 hydrating the fascia hardened by a poor cooldown routine or bad sitting habits.


2 resetting hyper-toned muscles stiffened by exhaustive use.

both of these will reduce the chances of injury and cramping and increase recovery rate so that you can do more in your next workout.

If fitness is in your future massage can aid you on your journey.

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