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Is sitting down giving you cancer?

Detox is a word thrown out so much in the alternative Healthcare community, im going to create some clarity on what we mean by that. I'd like to think most people have some understanding of metabolism, nutrition and circulation, the ongoing cycle of consume - burn - eliminate that keeps us going forward. the movement of nutrients ends with nutrients being burned by a variety of different systems leaving unusable waste sediment in our interstitial fluid. once the sediment is in our interstitial space, its naturally pushed forward toward the lymphatic system and back into our bloodstream to be processed by our liver and kidneys before Exiting the body as waste.

The difficulty we're having with this process as a society is why there is an outcry about sitting. have you ever heard someone say, "Sitting is the new smoking".

Once nutrients become waste after being metabolized and they end up in the interstitial fluid the thing that pushes the waste through the small crevasses between muscles and all the way back up the body to the duct under the left clavicle is pressure from your movement and breath.

Let that sink in for a minute.

This means when you are sitting down, remaining passive for long periods of time, this sediment builds up in your interstitial spaces and can start to block up the lymphatic system, putting undue stress on the muscles, and organs making them live in fith, increasing the risk of cancer and just making life harder. Massage offers a fast and deep detox as it has the ability to open up flow that has been obstructed by stagnant fluids, adhesions or scar tissue.

It's vital to be properly hydrated when receiving massage for any treatment but is absolutely essential for detox.

if you want to try for a more rapid or deeper detox cupping can pull toxins from the bones.

Cupping as a therapy is ancient and used in many ways to help with chronic pain as some injuries continue creating toxins for many years after the incident, as well as aiding in recovery from a respiratory, sinus or other infection. after the invader has been defeated the recovery process can be expedited by good cupping. Caution as all detox can be draining Cupping is particularly draining to the vitality for the rest of the day, this can be mitigated by the style of cupping used.

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