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Naughty little knots - Why knots are not the problem...all of the time.

Updated: Apr 8

Most people that have gotten a back massage have heard their massage therapist talk about tight bands or huge knots. I have terrible news for everyone who goes to their massage therapist week after week, month after month, as they dig their knuckles and elbows in, pulverizing the back muscles that cause you so much pain and discomfort. Gritting your teeth through those usually agonizing sessions is only giving you enough endorphins and relief to get you through the next few weeks at best. I'm not saying you have to give it up entirely, as some find that endorphin release quite enjoyable. For some it's unavoidable, those knots being usually the result of postural strain.

Knots commonly affect those of us that work in precarious positions like slouched over a keyboard, gazing up at a screen, inside crawl spaces, or standing at an operating table. You will want to make sure you address the short postural muscles in the front of the body that are pulling you forward (even after work is done) and contribute to poor circulation, restricted breathing and mobility.

Posture has also been linked to depression and anxiety! As you feel more open and able having taken initiative in your self-care, you can feel less weight from burdensome depression and less of the stressful static that is anxiety.

Those knots in the back are caused by muscles being overworked in a lengthened position and should be brought space (but not length) and nutrients, after releasing the spasms and nerve distress. Cupping can be a great tool to sperate thin layers of muscle that have been pressed together by prolonged poor posture to help with posture recovery. Exercise should be encouraged through a competent personal trainer or physical therapist.

If you get knots from overworking a muscle through a repetitive stress-type job, you'll want to work those knots out, stretch the muscle good and possibly add cupping to maximize detox and fascial compartment space in both instances. Tok sen can be added to help with stagnation and overuse paralysis where necessary to help restabilize the system for optimum performance.

Stay hydrated and eat well for best recovery.

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