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Why is good self-care so hard?

So why is good self care so hard?

I'm going to be blunt, it takes time. Time to build up your body awareness, time to build up skills, and time to check in to address problems before they escalate. There are simple and complex self care modalities with varying degrees of complexity and that fit better in different lifestyles, but all of them take time to learn.

To be a complete self care program, it must include a sustainable nutrition plan, a body maintenance plan, and a mind maintenance program. There are programs out there that are fit for anyone willing to make the commitment. Some programs focus more on the mind, exercise and nutrition respectively, but when you find balance for you, you'll know, because your energy will be there, and your mind will be there, and your ability will be there and life will open up to you. Tasks that used to be a struggle will happen with ease and opportunities will present themselves to you.

Massage sits in the body maintenance plan portion of your self care. Most massage modalities fit under an umbrella of "circulatory massage", which will aid in bringing vital nutrients to the muscles, tendons, bones and joints. This is important both to those who exercise regularly and those who don't move enough, for different reasons. Someone who works out will have cramps and adhesions that restrict passive flow when at rest, and the chronically immobile will have stagnation that restricts passive flow.

Massage therapy also has the potential to reduce the nagging of chronic pain from old injuries by cleaning up the adhesions and allowing for better flow of nutrients to layers that can be starved of good flow due to past trauma, both emotional and physical, sudden or slow coming. Massage can even restore function to impaired joints that have suffered from repetitive tasks like construction work and typing. Among other things, we help to reset your hormones. To those of us that live a high stress life, the relief of a good flush can feel like the weight of the world has been lifted.

Life is a game of balance, making the right choices now greatly affect your future so start self-care young, don't wait for the tower to come tumbling down. It's much harder to be put back together than it is to keep your body in good shape but it's always possible to be better than you are right now, understanding immortality is the exception to the rule.

Massage is there to help us stay grounded in our body, flush toxins out and make room for nutrients to move in. There is so much more massage can do, but it's so unique to every person it's best to talk with a massage therapist and ask what massage can do for you.

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