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Sandy M.

Christine M.

Dylan W.

Natalie C.

Krista D.

"What an amazing healing massage. You feel like he know exactly what is tight and where apply pressure. Have not felt this good after a massage in many years. Thank you so much"

"Dustin is a one of a kind healer.  With his background in traditional massage,  layered with his knowledge of muscles, together with ancient Thai teachings; Dustin can zoom into a problem area and loosen it up. 
I find Thai massage is about whole body verses mostly your back in western massage.  Every Body could benefit from his talents."


"I feel recharged! I cant begin to describe how much better I felt after leaving. Highly recommended!!!!!"

"Dustin is amazing! He has helped me regain function in my wrist after nerve damage and is now helping me to heal a bit faster from a nasty bone bruise. Everybody needs a massage guy like him in their corner!"

"Dustin is AMAZING! Thai massage is not for everyone but it is for me! I am loving all the release that my body is experiencing with each appointment. We have been working on my body one section at a time and I am feeling a huge difference in the way I feel. I can honestly say that I feel more connected to my body once again."

These testimonials were pulled in full from Facebook, Yelp, and Google.

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