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What could be better than a revitalizing massage?
Not having to leave the comfort of your own home!

No matter what style of massage you require, we pack up all the supplies and bring our set up to you. This includes any cupping, khoot, or tok sen tools, oils and balms, all pillows and blankets, sheets and pillowcases.

For in home visits, a space that is roughly 8 feet by 8 feet is needed to allow for the mat or table, as well as let your therapist move as they need to during your session.

Please be advised that we will need 15 minutes for set up prior to your session beginning, as well as 15 minutes after for packing up. If you are booking multiple sessions for different people at the same location, a minimum of 10 minutes will be needed to change over in between clients.

In home sessions are priced at our normal office rates, plus $85 for a travel fee.
If free parking is not available, a fee for the total cost of parking will be added to the session cost.


A woman lies on her back receiving a thai massage in the comfort of her own home, while a male massage therapist provides thai massage

Travel fee for in home massage is $85

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